Mark Vatnsdal

Artist Profile

«The detrimental effect of human activity on the environment has been well documented by scientists and environmental groups such as Green peace. The realization that we are the central and direct cause of species extinction, population decline, and habitat destruction has greatly contributed to a growing concern and nostalgia for what we consider to be the natural environment. Attitudes toward the environment have changed now that we have lost the direct contact enjoyed and endured by our distant relatives. We wish to preserve what seems at risk and are beginning to feel more and more anxious that time is running out. We are also rapidly developing an increasingly idealized vision of what the non-human natural environment is all about. Through paintings and installations, as well as my work with the art collective Flock•Gaggle•Herd (Bill Burns, Trevor Gould, Mark Vatnsdal) I explore the complex relationship between humankind and nature. Much of my work attempts to convey the mix of anxiety and adoration with which many view the natural world. » Mark Vatnsdal