Galerie Trois Points @ Toronto

February 4, 2012 - March 17, 2012


Galerie Trois Points @ p|m Gallery is the second half of an exhibition exchange between the galleries. p|m Gallery is pleased to present works by Mathieu Lévesque, Max Wyse, and David Gillanders. The idea of the exchange came out of a conversation between Émilie Grandmont Bérubé and Powell MacDougall around generating more dialogue between Monteal's and Toronto's painting scenes. Several of our artists share a keen interest in experimenting with different processes and challenging the materiality of paint.

Mathieu Lévesque is interested in Painting as "Subsculptural", toward a kind of Painting distinguished by its lavish and excessive materiality, reaching the boundaries of the sculptural. Ultimately, one could define Lévesque's practice as an abstraction, one that is formalist though emphasizing on the material of the process, seeking to question the limits of painting through a playful sight.

Max Wyse's work is characterized by his particular technique and iconography. The artist directly paints on the back of an acrylic paper sheet (Plexiglas) on which he works in consecutive stages, starting with outlining the foreground, then the second ground and so on. Wyse approaches his work in the manner of an archaeologist: he searches for, collects and theorizes the things that inspire him. His works essentially rely on the idea that the human body is closely tied to the mineral, the vegetal and the animal.

David Gillanders is intrigued by the natural limits of perception and the inevitable imperfection of our understanding of things. He captures that imperfect gap between reality and what our own senses make of it through his delicate and smooth surfaces. Lately, Gillanders has been exploring the idea of maps and cosmic, where the language of paint creates small universes or as the artist stated, these are maps without legends.

If you did not get a chance to see the first half of the exchange featuring paintings by William Griffiths, Meghan McKnight, and Amanda Reeves in Montreal, please visit Galerie Trois Points website for installation shots.